In This Moment is Available For Schools!

Research shows that when schools incorporate mindfulness into their programs,  it results in: 

  • Students having DECREASED anxiety, behavior problems and substance use

  • IMPROVED social and emotional skills, attitudes, relationships and academic performance. 

    With the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been even more stressors and changes to adapt to at school; for both teachers and students! Our mission is to help children and teachers incorporate mindfulness skills which have been proven to increase resiliency and coping skills.  The best part - this is done through crafting and fun!



    Options for Schools: 

    • Pick a specific topic you want to incorporate and order for the number of students (Topics Shown Below).

    • Order a two week long curriculum for Summer School.

    Topic Options for Schools: 

    1. The Breath - Focusing on the breath is one of the simplest tools we can use to reduce stress. Our breath is something that is always available to us and a great resource that anyone can use! Focusing on the breath is a building block for other forms of mindfulness and one that you can keep referencing back to.   

    2. Emotional Awareness - Being able to identify emotions is something that even adults struggle with at times! Helping kids learn early on about emotions and how to identify what they are feeling increases their self-awareness and ability to cope with these emotions.

    3. Strengths - Teaching kids to understand themselves and build their self-esteem is an important part of any child’s education. When kids know their strengths, it helps them see why they are unique and how they stand out from others. 

    4. Gratitude - Gratitude is more than just saying “thank you”. These crafts help teach kids what gratitude is and the importance of it!

    5. Compassion - This box helps children understand what it means to be kind. Kindness is something we can teach and is linked to increased peer acceptance, improved academic performance, and positive mental health.

    6. Five Senses - Our five senses are a great way to ground us and bring us back to the present moment! This box help kids develop self-awareness around each of their five sense and how they can use these to stay present in the moment.

    7. Creativity and PlayKids may already be naturals at playing, but there are so many benefits of encouraging this in our children as they grow! Play improves curiosity and creativity, and it also helps us relax and connect with others. 

    8. Friendships - Many of us were not intentionally taught what it means to be a good friend. This box focuses on helping children develop social awareness around friendships.

    9. Intentions - Crafts are designed to help children learn the benefits of setting intentions and what this looks like. 


    Reach out today to talk about utilizing In This Moment for your school and to get a quote! Prices depend on the number of students and boxes you are ordering.

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