Emotional Resiliency for the Whole Family!

Learn how mindfulness helps kids and parents cope and improve emotional well-being! We send you the tools you need to foster connection, presence and emotion regulation. Each box is carefully crafted by two licensed therapists, and includes all of the resources you need to implement a family mindfulness practice through crafting and fun!

Age range: 4 and up! The information in the boxes is relevant regardless of age. If your child enjoys crafting, this is for you! Each box will include:

- A fun gift for the adult relating to the mindfulness theme.

- Everything your child/children need to complete an awesome craftivity relating to the mindfulness theme.

- Cards and prompts on how to use your items/activities to build more mindful moments.

- Most importantly: you will get an experience that allows you to connect with your child/children daily and improve emotional well-being!

All box prices include free shipping.

  • An example of a previous box! Our self-compassion box helped parents and children both stop and take a moment every day to be kind to themselves. What was included in this box:

    - Sensory garden activity for the children

    - "Give yourself time to grow" planter for the adult

    - Mindful moment reminders for both the child and the adult

    - Tips and resources about self-compassion and how to have these conversations with yourself and your children.

The First Ever Family Mindfulness Box!

Why mindfulness? Put simply, mindfulness is the practice of purposely bringing our attention to the present moment. The benefits of mindfulness are vast, as the present moment is where research shows that we are the happiest! However, a Harvard study showed that people are outside of the present moment about 50% of the time. This is why our boxes are designed to help children and parents develop their first family mindfulness practice! Every month, your box will focus on a specific theme that will help you develop a mindfulness practice.


In This Moment Box- Who We Are!

Brook and Bekah = two licensed therapists committed to making mindfulness accessible and digestible to families everywhere. Our boxes help families incorporate more mindful moments into their busy lives.

How We're Different:

Many businesses focus on mindfulness either for the child or the parent. In This Moment focuses on both, because we know that the most benefits are seen when both the child and the parent experience mindfulness together. We have found that parents understand that mindfulness offers benefits, however, they find it overwhelming and don’t know where to start. It is our mission to make mindfulness more accessible and digestible to them!


Two Kids? No Problem!

We've got you covered! No fighting involved with our "Avoid the Meltdown" (ATM) box which includes craft items for two children, with the second child being over 50% off!


In This Moment is Recommended by Dr. Willard, a Harvard Professor and Author of 18 Books



"Buying gifts for my niece and nephews has always been a challenge for me. I don’t want to buy then more plastic or some toy they will enjoy for the weekend. In This Moment has been a game changer for my giving them gifts. The first time I used the service they put together special boxes for the kids that included a scavenger hunt, a terrarium and affirmation code bracelets ! So interactive and fun to do this with them. My sister, who’s a third grade teacher, said she thought these boxes were such a good idea to help kids focus, stay present and cultivate positive experiences of themselves and their capabilities." - Joe

"I'm so grateful to have found 'In this Moment'. I've been struggling awhile with how to help my daughter manage her anxiety. 'In This Moment' has been a fun/practical way for us to enjoy a craft - and implement strategies for coping with her emotions, shifting mindset, and experiencing mindfulness. It has been truly AMAZING to watch her apply the concepts we have learned, so that she can control her emotions, and not let them control her." - Natalie

"I LOVE In This Moment Box! The kids are so excited when it comes to our doorstep! I have two boys, ages 4 and 6, and they both enjoy the crafts. They tear open the box and all the contents the moment we get it! I love sitting wiht them and watching them create while we talk about what it means to be present and in the moment. Having all the materials together is a bonus for me, it makes it so muich easierto do different crafts without having a to buy a million of materials for one project. Since doing these crafts, I have noticed the kids are developing the words to express their feelings. 'Mom, it made me sad when..." And ways to cope with their big feelings with breathing exercises. Thank you for creating these boxes! We truly look forward to our box every month, and I am happy to support a company with the purpose of investing in our children." - Dustyn